As some families may be aware, in the past you have been able to contact your child’s teacher via Seesaw. We no longer have this function. To contact your child teacher you are able to email them via compass. To do this, click on your child’s photo and the option ‘send email’ will show. Alternatively you can contact the office to arrange a meeting in person.

We will be holding our 'Get to know your child' sessions on Tuesday, 5th & Wednesday, 6th March between 3:15pm - 6:30pm. We will notify parents when you are able to book these appointments via compass.

The athletics carnival will be held on Wednesday, 10th April to make the most of the milder weather. More details will be advised closer to the date.

Please see below the upcoming swimming timetable. A reminder for families to please consent via compass in the events section. Any parents who wish to help their child dress after swimming will need to provide the school with their Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) Card. 

19/2 - 1/3/2024 for Year 3 to Year 6

Depart SPC

Lesson time (45mins)

Depart Pool

Year 6




Year 5




Year 4




Year 3




18/3 - 22/3/2024 for Kinder to Year 2

Depart SPC

Lesson time

Depart Pool

Year 2




Year 1 (Group 1)




Year 1 (Group 2)




Prep (Group 1)




Prep (Group 2)




Kinder (Group 1)




Kinder (Group 2)




Swimming Carnival

Our Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival has been booked for Tuesday, 5th March. This will assist in the selection of students for the North West Swimming Carnival on Tuesday, 12th March. 

Thank you to those families who have already returned the ICT agreements and Medical forms. These are due to the office by Friday, 16 February.

Congratulations to Mrs Angela Hall who this week has completed 30 years of service here at St Peter Chanel. We are so lucky to have a staff member like Ange who continues to go above and beyond for our students and families.  Thank you Ange for your amazing commitment to our school.


Our school canteen operates each Tuesday and Thursday. Orders are to be placed by 8:30am on the day via Qkr. Please see below a link to our current menu.

Current Canteen Menu

Child Safety and Safeguarding

As we commence a new school year, it is timely to reassure you that we prioritise the safety of our students.

All staff have completed the mandatory Child Safety modules.  All staff are mandatory reporters and have an obligation to report to the relevant authorities when a student or students are at risk of harm.

The Child Safety Policy and Mandatory Reporting Policy can be located on our school website.

Child Safety Policy

Mandatory Reporting Policy

There are websites that can assist you with keeping your children informed about their own safety:

The National Office for Child Safety - ‘One Talk at a Time’ 

Raise awareness and promote behaviour change regarding child sexual abuse. 

A toolbox of resources, tips and ideas for having conversations with children appropriate to their different ages, and with other adults.

This is the link to the website: ‘One Talk at a Time’

eSafety Commission

Education and advice about online safety risks, cyberbullying, consent and restrictions.

This is the link to the website: eSafety

Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Education and support to promote child safety.

This is the link to the website: Daniel Morcombe Foundation

What a wonderful start to the school year. It has been a great couple of weeks seeing everyone again and getting to know our new students. 

On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Tuesday) with pancakes supplied by our Parents & Friends. Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to make these special treats for our students. 

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, the start of the Season of Lent. During Lent, we prepare for Easter through prayer, alms giving (donations), and fasting. We are very thankful for our new Parish Priest, Father Amal, for coming to the school to distribute the ashes.


Ash Wednesday is also the start of Project Compassion, an ongoing project from Caritas Australia to raise funds for projects around the world. Our Prep to Year 6 families have all received a donation box to take home to contribute, and our Kinder classroom has a box for any donations that these students and families would like to make. Thank you for your continued support of this organisation.  

Prayer for Lent:

Almighty and ever living God,

you invite us deeper into your world, your people, your Lent.

May this time be one of outward focus;

seeking you in those we often ignore.

Help us live a Lent focused on freedom, generosity, and encounter.

Give us hearts hungry to serve you

and those who need what we have to give.


Mr Casey Moore

Deputy Principal & Religious Education Coordinator


Catholic Education Tasmania supports schools in offering children creative play and learning within our outdoor spaces through our Outdoor Play and Learning guidance.

It is timely to restate some purposes of this policy, being:

·  Support learning and creative play with reasonable levels of risk-taking.

·  Offer age appropriate activities and items to encourage development of gross motor, collaboration and risk assessment skills.

·  Enable children to extend their capabilities. 

Examples of potential activities with suitable risk controls include:

  • Loose parts imaginative play & building. 

e.g. Logs, sticks, milk crates, rocks, tyres, mud play, etc

  • Limited tree climbing / play
  • Approved items disassembled
  • Fire pit usage & tricycles ridden without helmets 

If your child(ren) are participating, you may wish to discuss how they are finding this? You are welcome to contact your Principal with feedback, or queries.


Monty is a much-loved member of our school Community. Monty is a Schmoodle. Monty enjoys meeting children, and especially listening to them while receiving a pat, or playing games during time spent together.

The value of animal assisted therapy is widely accepted as an aid to stimulation and communication. The presence of animals can improve the wellbeing of children and lower their rate of anxiety.

Animals are not generally allowed on school premises. Appropriate consideration and consultation were undertaken for this activity. Whilst inherent risks will remain, and some people will choose not to participate, our school supports this activity occurring. Monty is a well behaved friend and has all the expected vaccinations and routinely visits the vet for normal check-ups. Monty will spend his day with Mrs Flynn as she goes about her school Principal duties.

Children, at times, will have a chance to interact with Monty on the school grounds. Please also note children will not be allowed to feed Monty.

If you do not want your child to interact with Monty, please email the school no later than 23/2/2024 via spc@catholic.tas.edu.au

We will assume that no reply by the given date, allows interaction with Monty.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.

The way we do things at SPC

This is our matrix of expected behaviours in outside areas of the school and in the community.

Every Classroom Teacher has been over this matrix with their classes so that students understand what is expected of them.


Welcome back!  We have had a great start to our new school year. It was wonderful to see all the children back at school with happy faces, eager to reconnect with their friends, smiling, learning and having fun. 

Our Kinder students have had their first days, and are quickly learning the routines of their new environment. 

We also welcome our new families in other year levels and thank you for trusting us with your child. A very warm welcome to Rylah (Year 2), Xzavier (Year 3), Logan (Year 3), William (Year 5), Casey (Year 5). We know that you will enjoy being a member of our SPC community.

During the first 3 days of school, your children may have mentioned the ‘SPC Way’.  The SPC Way (The way we do things at SPC) is a behaviour curriculum. Over the initial 3 days, teachers explicitly taught and practised all of the expectations, rules and learning behaviours that our students need to know in order to achieve success at school. Just like learning any new skill, behaviour requires practice. The SPC Way incorporates regular practice sessions every week to reinforce positive behaviours and routines to ensure they become ingrained habits.

When children know exactly what is expected of them, they don’t have to guess what the teacher wants of them. It is easier for them to follow expectations. Not only does this reduce their cognitive load, it allows them to focus on their learning more intently.

Ultimately, the SPC Way isn't just about individual behaviour—it's about creating a culture of kindness, respect, organisation and engagement with learning, as a school community.

Our students already know that if they choose to follow the SPC Way, they have the best opportunity to learn.  If they choose not to follow the SPC Way, they are choosing to impact their learning, the learning of others and know that there are consequences for those choices.  

We are excited about our year ahead.  Learning is a partnership between families and school.  At SPC we work hard to provide the best possible learning environment for all children. 


Mrs Kerrie Flynn


Congratulations to Lucas Schuuring! Lucas received 1st place for the Enduro series in Motorbike racing and 2nd place for the grass track series for 2023. What a great achievement!


Information will be sent out for students in Grade 3-6 wanting to play soccer early next year.

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