You may have noticed we have a new sign at the entrance of our car park. It is important that families all please note that our car park is one way only. This means that if you are parking in the church car park and exiting through the main car park you must follow the flow of traffic down the school driveway. Please do not exit via the main entrance driveway. We have seen an increasing number of accidents and near misses. 

In addition any incidents or issues should be reported to the Office or to the person on duty.


Congratulations to Miss Bradley and her Grade 6 students on their successful stalls they ran last week. They made $625.50 to spend on their Hobart trip in Term 4.


Congratulations to the following students who received aiming high awards at last week’s assembly: 

Kinder - Phebe & Ava

Prep - Wesley, Lucas, Reegan & Harrison

Grade 1 - Lenni & Kaley

Grade 2 - Airelle & Jhett

Grade 3 - Dane, Max, Indiana & Ajai

Grade 4 - Jedda & Harvey

Grade 5 - Macey & Heidi

Grade 6 - Piper & Alex

Monday was our last Set up for Success - Learning Treasures session for Term Three. Thank you to all of our families who come along to these sessions. 


Learning Treasures will recommence on Monday 18th October (week 2).

9th September 

This week we took on Stanley Primary School. This game saw us come away with a 4-0 win with great teamwork being the key to our win. The improvement and confidence from their first game was huge. This game saw everyone get in and have a go, with great sportsmanship shown throughout the game.

A reminder that the Grade 5/6 Camp is week one of next term. Letters regarding itinerary and requirements were sent home last week.

Wishing everyone a safe and restful break and we will see you all on Monday, 11th October

This Friday 24th September staff will be attending a professional learning day in Wynyard. The last day of term 3 will be tomorrow Thursday, 23rd September.

Tomorrow we are holding our annual Footy Colours Day. As per the letter home we are also having a special lunch of pies and saveloys. These can be ordered via the Qkr! App or via the office. 

We will have our parade on the basketball court weather permitting where families will be able to come along and watch. If it is inclement weather families will be unable to attend due to social distancing. Staff will add photos to SeeSaw.

Thank you to all our families who donated cooking, and those that were able to run our cake stall. We raised $483.

Congratulations to last week's cake raffle winner Miss Kelli Cook.


Spring School Holiday Activity


Starting a veggie patch

Kids growing their own veggies, makes them more inclined to try new foods. There's also a sense of ownership involved in digging holes and planting things yourself.


Start small and choose easy to grow vegetables such as beets, carrots, radishes and tomatoes.  Grow things that you will be excited to eat and kids will love to snack on such as cherry tomatoes, strawberries and peas, don’t plant beans if no one in the family likes them.   Stagger your plantings and choose a variety of plants that will be ready to eat at different times, so you’ll have fresh produce available all the way through the season.



Thank you to the parents who have assisted in the positive and successful coordination of the Breakfast Club for the past three terms. Your time does not go unnoticed and is appreciated greatly by all. 

Donations welcome at all times : Vegemite, Promite, Honey, Raspberry Jam and butter.


Ms Donna Porteus


The end of another term is upon us!  I know we say this often, but, where did this term go?  It has been a busy one, with the swimming program, Year 4 camp, preparations for the Year 3 and 5/6 camps, 2022 Kinder enrolments and orientations, and a great deal of wonderful learning in classrooms.  The students and staff certainly deserve a break.

Whilst our kids look forward to the holidays, inevitably parents soon hear, “I’m bored!”.

Parents often feel the pressure to keep their children entertained, but the fact is that boredom is not just ok, but a good thing.  Boredom promotes the development of valuable skills, such as problem-solving, resilience, creativity and independence.  Pandering to cries of boredom can actually be detrimental. If we drop everything to entertain them, then they won’t learn how to entertain themselves and come up with their own ideas.

The following information explains further why boredom is a good thing!r child on a learning programme!

  1. Boredom encourages imagination and creativity

When children are left to their own devices, they’re forced to be more creative and imaginative in finding ways to amuse themselves.

Children need to learn to take initiative and think of ways to occupy themselves that are not dictated by someone else. It’s a stimulus to imagination and creativity.

  1. Boredom teaches ‘grit’

Resilience’ has become a buzzword, referring to children developing a ‘have a go’ attitude and not being put off when things are tough.

Being bored – or having to think of ways to amuse themselves – is an important way to develop this ‘grit.’

  1. Boredom develops problem-solving skills

Does your child expect you to come up with something for them to do whenever they’re at a loose end?

Well, stop intervening, because being bored will help them develop their problem-solving skills.

In a world where children are constantly stimulated, they can feel uncomfortable if they don’t have anything to do. But this encourages initiative and problem-solving, as they have to rely on themselves to tackle the ‘problem’ of being bored.

  1. Boredom helps children form relationships

Having unstructured time to play with other children will help your child develop interpersonal skills that are becoming lost to this technology obsessed generation.

If children are given time and space with nothing to distract them, it helps them to negotiate and collaborate with each other and develop activities jointly. They’re learning to communicate, make eye contact and read body language: things that can only be learnt from experience.

  1. Boredom builds confidence

When your child has opportunities to occupy themselves, and manages to do so successfully, it gives their self-esteem a boost.  When they have free time, they can try new things, test their limits and take safe risks, which will all build their confidence.

  1. Boredom improves mental health

Today’s kids tend to be so busy that there’s little time to be still and let their minds wander.

Having time to just “be” gives them the opportunity to think their own thoughts and get to know themselves better.

Research has shown that allowing the mind time to wander rather than being focused on activities all the time is very important for mental health.

  1. Boredom creates a sense of belonging

As well as having time to think, unstructured downtime gives children a greater sense of community.

If children are always busy with some focused activity, they take their surroundings for granted, but it’s important that they have the chance to engage with their environment so they feel a sense of belonging to where they live.

  1. Boredom makes childhood happier

Your child may argue that being bored is, well, boring, but actually, it could make their childhood happier overall.

When adults talk about their childhood memories, no one ever mentions anything material.  It’s always the simple things they remember: connections, laughter and nature.

All the activities that we think are making childhood richer are just getting in the way of a simple but contented life.


So, these holidays, don’t let the ‘I’m bored!’ make you feel guilty or inadequate as a parent.  You're actually doing them a favour!

Have a great break.  Stay safe, happy and healthy.





Mrs Kerrie Flynn


Autism Tasmania conducts free workshops for parents and family carers of autistic children, or those who have autistic characteristics. Please see below information about the two upcoming workshops.

As per the letter home to 3/4 & 5/6 families last week, we are seeking interest in the upcoming primary school basketball tournament held over 23/24 October. Forms are due to the office by Friday, 10th September. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Thorp via the office.

As a part of our learning in Business and Economics in Grade Six, we have been analysing how businesses work, goods and services and profit margins. To support our learning, we created four unique stalls to be run at school. We created a pitch and presented these to Mrs Flynn and Mrs JM. We were successful in gaining their investment and will be running these stalls next Monday and Tuesday (13th and 14th). 

The stalls range from $1 to $3.50 with a variety of items. Please see the four different posters below for the different products.  

Students will only be allowed to buy from one stall each day (to make sure everyone has access to the yummy foods). This means that some students may miss out on the item they first wanted, if it sells out, as we are limited to what we can sell.


As the weather is warming up, for the remainder of the term students can choose to wear the Summer or Winter uniform. Whichever uniform is worn, it must be worn in its entirety i.e. full Winter uniform or full Summer uniform.

Last Friday saw our U12’s play their first game. Coming away with a win, 2-1, against Edith Creek. This week our team plays on Tonight at 5:15pm. 

Next week SPC do not have a game due to Country Gold. 

Under 8’s will commence on Friday, 15th October at 3.15pm

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