Next Friday, 29th September we will be holding our Footy Colours day. Students are encouraged to come along in their footy colours for a gold coin donation. Students will participate in a Footy Colours parade at 8.50am on the basketball court. 

We will also be having a special lunch day. Please order via Qkr or the office. Orders will be cut off at 8.30am on the day. 

Items available are as follows:

  • Meat Pie $3.50
  • Saveloy in bread $3.50
  • GF Meat Pie $4.50
  • Mini Spring Rolls (V) $3.00 for 5 
  • Nippy's drinks $2.50

All funds raised will go towards our Year 4/5 Camps. 

There is an option to make a gold coin donation via the Qkr app under payments.


All players interested must contact Jess & register via the link below. All unregistered players will NOT be able to take the court.

Games will be played Saturday mornings from 10:15am onwards TBC & Wednesday afternoons.


Aussie Hoops is back!
These sessions will run Saturday mornings 9am-10am at Smithton Basketball stadium ?
Follow the link below to register & find all your Aussie Hoops packs & extras ??

A letter will be coming home to families today regarding school hockey for Term 4. Please keep an eye out for this as it has a return slip that is due to the office by Wednesday, 28th September. 

This week in Kinder, we have been learning about space!

Space has been a topic of interest within our classroom for quite some time, so we extended on the student’s interest by creating a space themed drawing centre.

The children used pictures of planets, stars, moons, rockets, and astronauts to guide their drawings, as well as using their own knowledge and creativity.

 While the children worked on their pictures together, they also had interesting conversations about space. Some wondered what it would be like to go to moon, others said they would love to fly in a rocket. 

The students have been practising their pencil grip and pencil control all year and their progress is clear in their amazing pictures!

On Monday the 4th of September, Year Six embarked on their final primary school camp down to Hobart.  We made one stop at Campbell Town before arriving at Dodges Ferry ready for some archery tag. Tuesday saw us explore Richmond. We visited Zoo Doo, the old Gaol and (of course) the lolly shop. We watched a lioness grab food from the handler and hand fed kangaroos and deer! We came back to the campsite and played some cool night games. On Wednesday, we went to Parliament house and watched the house of assembly and the legislative council in sitting. We had learned about this in class, so it was really cool to see the members debating in real life! We then went to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), where we watched a lady hand drawing endangered animals and erasing them. We came back to camp where we harnessed up and did some rock climbing. On Thursday, we went to Bounce, where we jumped on the trampolines and climbed the rock walls. We went to mini golf to relax a little bit, then went to Kingston for Laser Skirmish. We battled it out against each other, shooting laser guns and taking over bases. We came back to camp, did a small reflection about living in the moment, then watched the football on the big screen. On Friday, we set off early, arriving at Hollybank Treetop Adventures before lunch. We soared high in the trees, jumped off heights and ziplined from the branches, completing the different courses. We came back to school Friday night, very tired but with very full hearts. Our favourite parts of camp were the Laser Skirmish, Treetop Adventures and Lolly Shop. We also had some really yummy food along the way! The slide at camp was massive and we loved sliding down it on our jackets and sleeping bags. We are so grateful that we were given the opportunity to all these great activities with some of our closest friends. A big thank you to Miss Monson and Mrs Schuuring for coming along to camp with us, and to Mrs Thorp and Mrs Flynn for organising and approving the camp. 

We are excited to announce that St Peter Chanel will be the first school in Circular Head to join Children’s University.

What is it?  Children’s University is often called the University of Fun. Children learn new things, go new places and celebrate their learning at graduation. 

What does it cost? There is no cost to you. The Tasmania Catholic Education Office has kindly donated funds to cover the $27.50 cost per student. 

What do they have to do? Children will receive a passport to learning to record their learning. The aim is to reach 30 hours of learning outside their classroom.

How can they earn their learning hours?

Children are encouraged to explore and discover new ideas, people and places. Activities may include:

  • Before and after school activities
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • Learning destinations (museum, libraries etc)
  • School holiday programs

Bonus: Children can earn 10 hours on their passport for regular activities such as:

  • Sport clubs, Scouts
  • Music or dancing, drama, art classes
  • Regular extra curricular classes

How do they join: It is easy to join. Speak to either Mrs Lardner, Ms Monson or Donna and they will give you the consent form, once signed and returned children will receive their Passports and can begin the learning journey.


What is Oral Language Development, and Why is it Important?

Reference: Mrs. Myer’s Reading Room


Did you know that babies are capable of learning even when they’re still inside the womb? Your little one can already hear your voice and detect the vibrations as you speak. Once babies are born into this world, they listen intently to their parents’ speech and singing. Children are like sponges. They can absorb everything from the sounds of letters to words and numbers. They try to imitate and produce their own sounds. When parents take an active role in their children's oral language development, it can help their little ones learn words more quickly.

Oral language skills are the foundation of children’s literacy development and academic success. As language abilities strengthen and solidify, children become more adept communicators and readers. The result is an increase in children’s confidence and overall well-being.

Oral language ability affects every aspect of a child's life, including your little one’s capacity to learn and succeed at school, relationships with people, and self-perception of themselves. Some studies demonstrate that reduced competence in terms of oral language skills can even result in mental health problems.

How can parents foster oral language development at home?

Constant exposure to an abundance of opportunities for language development produces outstanding readers, communicators, and writers. If parents wish to successfully prepare their children for school, reading from a very young age is necessary.

Here are some specific oral language development activities that can help your children as they develop into effective communicators:

  •   Expose children repeatedly to a variety of words, through conversations, reading books, and storytelling. These activities help children absorb new words, enabling them to communicate more clearly.
  •   Observe your child's interests. Incorporate your child's favourite things into activities instead of forcing something that is not of interest. Children tend to learn more effectively when learning involves the things they love.
  •   Interact with your child through plenty of conversation. Expand on what your kids say. Ask a lot of questions about the things that interest them.
  •   Oral language development isn’t just about giving instructions. Remember that children love to play. If you incorporate playing into opportunities to learn language, children become more engaged.
  •   Children learn best by hearing a broad range of words connected with concrete examples. Remember that in order to learn new words, quality is just as important as quantity. Expand children's knowledge by talking about a wide range of topics that pique their interest. Give them different kinds of books to read. Sing a bunch of songs and nursery rhymes.
  •   Take your child with you when you leave home, if possible. When going to the supermarket, encourage children to speak about what they want to buy. Playing with real objects can help reinforce oral language development.
  •   Ask children questions that will draw out their opinions and ideas about things that interest them, like sports, animals, school events, etc.  
  •   Do not overload children when it comes to oral language learning. Children need to learn at their own pace. Revisit important topics frequently until they are mastered before moving on to new ones. Remember that learning oral language is a long process in which the repetition of oral activities dramatically contributes to creating solid verbal communication skills for your little one.

The importance of oral communication

When children communicate using spoken words, they can more easily convey their thoughts, demonstrate their ideas, and share information. When youngsters learn more words, they can effectively communicate with family, friends, classmates, teachers, and other people.

The Bottom Line

 Oral language serves as the foundation for reading and writing skills. Through oral language development, children can become successful as they wade through a variety of academic concepts and challenges in school. And when they can communicate effectively, they can confidently connect with peers, teachers, and different people as they mature into successful adults.

Oral language development involves more than learning words. It also entails the development of speech skills that enable children to express themselves clearly and effectively. Verbal expression gives way to creative communication, which also boosts self-esteem. 

When children communicate orally in an effective way, they are more likely to develop stronger communication skills in all aspects of their lives. Through oral language development, kids can become confident communicators as well as successful learners who achieve their goals in school and even beyond.

 Mrs. Anna Hart

Literacy Leader

Bake Raffle -

Thank you to everyone who supported our Bake raffle! Over 700 tickets were sold and $1300 raised. 

Prizes were as follows: 

1 - Ella Burley

2 - Ivie Nicholls

3 - Brian Blake 

4 - Levi House

5 - Dawson Armstrong

6 - Claire Wells

7 - Thalia Bishop

8 - Chris Spinks

9  - Lynette Dunlop

10 - Thalia Bishop

11 - River Bryan

12 - Reegan Poke

13 - Archie Radford

14 - Hamish Poke

15 - Willa Neilsen

16 - Cindy Stanley

17 - Ella Berechree

18  - Anna Hart

19 - Asta Jenkins

20 - Willa Neilsen

21 - Harper Bishop

22 - Harry Gourley

23 - Amelia Khan

24 - Tayla Ollington


Disco - We are excited to see everyone at the disco tomorrow night! Please see below a poster with all of the details. Hot food orders close on the Qkr app at 9.00am tomorrow. 


Congratulations to the following students who recieved Aiming High awards last Thursday:

Kinder - Willa Neilsen & Max Bryan 

Prep - Henry Dabner & Harry Gourley

Year 1 - Oliver Wright & Rylan Nichols 

Year 2 - Wesley Cotton & Finn Magee 

Year 3 - Brady Robinson & Chad McSweeney 

Year 4 - Sophia Hardy & Charlie Ollington 

Year 5 - Max Monson & Indianna Facey

Year 6 - Hali Robinson & Jhedda Lobegeiger

Please ensure all children are in full uniform, every day.  Students must wear the correct socks and shoes.  Hair must be neat and tidy and be in line with the school’s uniform policy.

Students who are not in correct uniform will not be able to attend off-site excursions.

A reminder that Term 4 is a compulsory hat term.  Students must wear their school hat during lunch breaks and HPE.

Students without hats will be asked to sit in the rotunda.

Hats can be purchased from the office.


As this term draws to a close, I want to thank everyone for another great term at St Peter Chanel. Our Coin Line fundraiser earlier this term was a massive success and we raised over $740 for Vinnies. That is a huge effort and I thank the Student Leaders for their help in organising the event. 

Thursday the 21st of September is The International Day of Peace. This is a day that is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, and is a call to action that recognises our individual and collective responsibility to foster peace. I hope that you all have peace in your lives. 

End of Term Prayer:

We thank you Lord, for this term.

For the challenges, the successes,

and the mistakes from which we have learnt.

Be with us as we spend our time with family and friends.

Give us strength and courage to do what is right;

to be witnesses of our faith.


Help us to follow the Gospel values,

to appreciate what others do for us,

to give time and effort to help others,

to be peacemakers in our family.


Keep us safe in our activities;

give us good rest and good fun.

Bring us back refreshed and ready for a new term.

We thank you for our classmates, teachers,

parents and a community that cares for us.


May we always be conscious of you in our lives.


Mr Casey Moore

Deputy Principal/REC

In 2024, we will be implementing a new structure for our Kinder classes, with two Kinder groups. The first group will attend on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the second group will attend on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On Wednesdays, the groups will alternate between specialist lessons and the Kinder room.

We are thrilled to have 24 Kinder students enrolled for 2024. 

We are now nearing our maximum capacity for Kinder. We welcome all further queries knowing we have limited spaces remaining.

This new arrangement is not a guaranteed, ongoing structure. We will review at the end of 2024 and make decisions based on staffing and student needs.

We are excited to welcome our new SPC students as they embark on their educational journey with us.

It's almost unbelievable that we find ourselves at the end of Term 3 already, with the last 10 weeks seeming to have passed so quickly.  Before we turn the page to a new term, let's celebrate some of the events of this term. 

We celebrated the "100 Days of School" milestone, a day of dressing up, that we do so well at SPC, as again evident during Book Week. Book Week, with its ‘Pirates’ theme, ignited imaginations and reflected our love of reading and literature. Thanks again to Mrs Jo Cartledge, Mrs Ange Hall and Mrs Emma Berechree for their countless hours preparing the library and its transformation to a pirate world!

Catholic Education Week provided a dedicated week to reaffirm our faith-based values and reflect on the importance of those as a Catholic school. 

The continuation of our On Country excursions allowed our students to further connect with our land's culture and history, and to take this learning back into the classroom.

"Bullying No Way Day" served as a powerful reminder that we are united in our commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all. 

The Father's Day stall, whilst a fundraiser for camps, was also a heartwarming recognition of the special bonds between children and their fathers or father figures.

Year 6 students embarked on an unforgettable camp, strengthening friendships and creating cherished memories. 

The start of Year 6 Transition Days next week is a significant step in our students' educational journey.

The P&F Disco next Friday is very early anticipated. And with its 80s theme, it is sure to be a colourful reminder of that era for those of us who lived it!

In the spirit of community engagement, we were thrilled to adopt Constable Connor, strengthening the bond between our school and the local community. This partnership ensures our students have a positive perception of those in our community responsible for their safety and security..

Of course, in every classroom, there was an abundance of rich learning experiences, all thanks to the unwavering commitment to quality teaching and learning by our incredible teachers.

All of these experiences have been possible due to the dedication and generosity of our teachers, the efforts of our P&F, the enthusiasm and participation of our students, and the unwavering support of our families. Each one of you plays a vital role in making St. Peter Chanel a vibrant and thriving community of learners.

I wish everyone a refreshing and restful break. May you all take the time to recharge and re-energise, ready to return for Term 4 on Tuesday, 17th October.

Mrs Kerrie Flynn

Next Thursday, 14th September Bravehearts will be visiting our school. Breavehearts is a personal safety education program for Kinders - Year 2. Families were sent a letter reagrding this program yesterday via compass. 


The topic of ‘Internet Safety and Social Media’ is relevant to students, staff and parents and in this day and age, we all need as much help as possible so as to ensure we all make the correct decisions for ourselves and those in our care. The presenter, Marty Ogle with expertise as a teacher, principal, education officer and as an educational consultant, shares his knowledge and passion to positively impact on this important topic.

The topic of ‘Internet Safety and Social Media’, is extremely relevant to those in our school communities. As well as gathering and sharing data and information to ensure those in our care are aware of the dangers, Marty will present a wide array of connected topics plus the benefits of social media. 

Marty will be delivering many aspects of Social Media during the day to the students and staff and he will endeavour to cater for their needs according to their age plus social circumstances. Some of the areas he will present to students and then to parents and carers will include;

  1. a) IT – it is here to stay so how best to be involved
  2. b) Laws in Tasmania
  3. c) The eSafety government website eg parent pressures and family digital agreements
  4. d) Pressures associated with social media including peer pressure, screen time, cyberbullying, addiction plus more
  5. e) Pornography & Groomers
  6. f) Gaming – benefits and problems
  7. g) Other issues including online gambling, scams, and Ai

 All parents, friends and carers are invited to attend an after school session on Tuesday 12th of September at 3 - 4pm at the school. Please feel free to bring along your children or attend by yourselves. This session is brought to you by The Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council so please put this important date in your calendar.

There has been an update to the compass app with some improved features. Please update if you haven't done so already.

Term dates for the remainder of the year are as follows:

Term 3 concludes Friday, 29th September

Term 4 commences Tuesday, 17th October - Thursday, 14th December

Monday, 16th October - Student Free Day

2024 Term Dates

Term 1 - Wednesday, 7th February - Thursday, 11th April

Easter break - Friday, 29th March - Tuesday, 2nd April - Students return Wednesday, 3rd April

Friday, 12th April - Student Free Day

Term 2 - Monday, 29th April - Friday, 5th July

Term 3 - Tuesday, 23rd July - Friday, 27th September

Monday, 22nd July - Student Free Day

Term 4 - Tuesday, 15th October - Wednesday, 18th December

Monday, 14th October - Student Free Day

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